Braxton's Disco Yoga

Fun dance-based yoga classes that combine disco dancing with easy yoga poses set to 70’s disco music. Braxton created this unique style of yoga in 2014; Braxton’s Disco Yoga is now held at music and food festivals, workshops, and a range of classes.​



The beauty of Braxton's Disco Yoga is that all generations  -- mothers, fathers, grans and pops -- can come together, dance and have fun. Braxton's Disco Yoga classes are open and inclusive -- it's not about being hip or cool, it's not about wearing the trendiest gear (although, if you are and if you have, we'll still welcome you with open arms), we're here to have fun and free our minds. All generations and genders welcome!



Disco Yoga @ Mhor Festival

For the past four years, Braxton has taken his disco yoga up to the Mhor music and food festival in Balquidder. These events turn out to be crazy, wild and fun session of disco moves, 70’s music and yoga postures.

So successful have these classes up at Mhor become, Braxton now holds similar events in various venues across Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

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