One-Day Meditation Retreat

January, Edinburgh

An immersive dip.

An exploration of self.

‘A new year, a new you’

This programme is for those who already have a sense and knowledge of meditation and wish to move further, deeper into the discipline.

Initially, we will look at and practice the customary forms of mindfulness, breath, awareness, the chakras, healing breath and the observation of thought.

Meditation Retreat.jpg

We will then bring a more deep-rooted focus to identifying the triggers which feed our insecurities, our judgements, anger, chaos, drama and the weight of others opinions.

It is here that will begin to set conscious intentions as we move in, through and past some of our reactionary habits; with creative visualisation and astral projection techniques, we will connect with setting boundaries, looking at self-change and healing; how to bring flow, calm and ultimately the realisation that reflection, breath and nature is a prescription for a more peaceful, relaxed self.

Our hope is to finish our programme with an enlightened perspective and a healthier relationship with our stillness, our quiet. Affording us a clearer, more considered approach to the reactionary patterns we practice when we face our emotions or examine our habits.

Contact Braxton to register your place.