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Researching and Writing

Writing & Yoga Retreat

Time to switch off from the internal critic. Enter new fresh surroundings and restore your creative writing practice using both mixed form yoga, breath-work 'vital prana' and guided meditation practices. With dedicated time to devote to your writing project  alongside wellness activities, you'll be both productive and restored.

Vital PranaWorkshop

Sun 20 Sept, 9:30 -11:30 am

In this workshop, ‘vital-prana’, Braxton will be working through a range of pranayama breath control, deep conscious and channel breathwork techniques. We will look at the breath's capacity to invigorate, vibrate and transform our moods, thoughts, and our emotions.

Life Coaching &

Personal Consultations

Braxton has once again started one-to-one sessions (both virtual and in person at his shala or your home) – where he offers a personal service, in a discussion-based format.

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