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Braxton runs yoga, meditation and disco yoga classes at festivals around Scotland and England. You can find him at Trew Fields in London, the Melrose Borders Book Festival, the Mhor Festival in Balquidder, and the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival.

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Trew Fields Yoga
Borders Book Yoga
Mhor Fetival Yoga

Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival

Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival Disco Yoga.
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Trew Fields Festival, London


Visit the festival website.

Braxton will be joining the Trew Fields Holistic Festival with Sophie and her team to share a guided meditation and Disco Yoga Session.

Braxton’s Disco Yoga

A care-free, fun and light-hearted look at yoga and disco music along with groovy moves. Here we will bring together some foundation yoga postures and mix them with 70's disco tunes before adding a little old-school disco dancing.


Braxton’s Disco Yoga is great fun for all the family, kids, nans, even grumpy pops. It’s super inclusive, with guaranteed smiles and hilarity along the way. Disco Yoga is all about fun, looking past our differences and, here at Trews, bringing an easy, groovy focus to a wonderful cause.

Trew Fields Festival
Trew Fieds Line up

Meditation with Braxton


Braxton's guided meditations use music, soundscapes and spoken word to guide you into a calming meditative space, balancing the spiritual with the physical. His sessions are very much about openness and a no-nonsense communication. Under his guidance, we will look at things that hold us back in life and try to understand how to accept change, gratitude, death, kindness and why we feel the need to judge. Focusing on the awareness of breath we will use astral projection techniques as we slow the pace of our thoughts, release tension and worry, and bring calm.

Evidence shows that the mindset in meditation can increase both emotional well-being and resilience, which improves communication and simply allows us to be a little happier. If you want a bit more contentment, peace and focus in your life, come and join Braxton. You never know what change you might get out of it.

Borders Book Festival, Melrose

As part of the annual Borders Book Festival in the beautiful town of Melrose, Braxton holds a variety of classes, which include restorative and mixed-form yoga sessions and disco yoga.


These classes leave the literary yogis attending the book festival relaxed and energised. Braxton’s unique sessions combine yoga with music, breath and asanas, calming and balancing the mind and body and helping to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve flexibility.


A common feature of Braxton’s yoga classes, not only at the book festival but across his many classes, is the extended savasana and meditation.

Mhor Festival, Balquidder

For the past four years, Braxton has taken his disco yoga up to the Mhor music and food festival in Balquidder. These events turn out to be crazy, wild and fun session of disco moves, 70’s music and yoga postures.

Trew Fields
Borders Book Festival
Mhor Festival
Edinburgh Wellbeing
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