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About Braxton

Braxton completed his training in India, Czech Republic, Vietnam and Greece. His training in India, developed his interest in not only yoga asanas and meditation but also the philosophy and psychology of yoga. Previously a physical training and anatomy instructor, part of his background comes from martial arts, Tukedo and boxing. He moonlights as the lead singer with the Motown, soul and disco act The Soul Foundation. He is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor and lives with his wife and little baby Braxton in Edinburgh.



Scottish Highlands Yoga Retreat

"This is the kind of weekend that makes you glad to be alive. Glad about human beings, glad about nature and glad that living well can actually be quite simple. Braxton leads/guides/facilitates with a light touch and is someone you can trust."



"The atmosphere created by the people at Newbold, together with the wonderful Yogis and yourself, is very special and will stay with me."



"I really enjoyed the weekend. Everything about the accommodation was great… The old style of the house, the room where we practised yoga, the dining room, the conservatory and the grounds. It was great to see and eat what was growing in the gardens."



Yoga, Meditation & Breath Workshops

"I really enjoyed the course but, more importantly, I got more than I was expecting from it. The breathing techniques and learning to breathe properly have enabled me to experience a much deeper guided meditation… On the Sunday night, after the course, I had the first full and decent night’s sleep all year, I can’t explain how good I felt the next morning."



"I attended Braxton’s inversion workshop with some trepidation as I am not a big fan of standing on my head!  But under Braxton’s expert guidance and teaching I was soon standing on my head, something I haven’t done since I was aged 6!  It was a truly wonderful experience, very calming and even relaxing, and I was very proud of myself for achieving it!!  I really recommend Braxton’s workshop – his style of teaching yoga is very inclusive and even quite spiritual.  It’s always a wonderful experience and brings a sense of calm and a smile to my face, as well as a feeling of being stretched!"



"Thank you so much for gently and patiently guiding the class through the various stages of inversions during the inversion workshop. I was very apprehensive about doing headstands, however with your encouragement and expert instructions you gave me the confidence to achieve so much more than I ever imagined during the workshop! It was an extremely enjoyable workshop in a relaxed atmosphere."



"Your clear and concise guidance and instruction made the whole experience so enjoyable. I came away from the workshop feeling wonderfully stretched and had a great sense of achievement that I had managed to do a headstand!"



"I really enjoyed having time to pay attention to how my body responds and how I feel in each one of the postures. I felt I was in a safe place throughout the whole course. Braxton is a lovely human being and brightens up everyone's day with his words, energy and inner peace."




"Braxton's yoga was the perfect life-affirming, spiritual workout. I've never seen a bunch of people so motivated and engaged at a class. No one wanted the class to end which is unheard of in my experience! Braxton clearly has a deep knowledge of the subject but he is a brilliant leader and made the class an utterly joyful experience. The combination of dynamic yoga moves and uplifting music was unforgettable. I only wish I lived closer so I could be a class regular."



"I like the way you conduct your yoga classes, making them a complete experience, using breathing, postures, meditation and relaxation to the best effect in a spiritual way. I have never felt awkward or on the outside looking in when in one of your classes."



"Braxton's yoga classes are amazing. I go to his Yin Yoga class and it strikes the perfect balance between stretching, relaxation and mindfulness. It really relaxes me after work and helped me through a stressful period, especially using his relaxation techniques to help me sleep."


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