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Scottish Highlands

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Autumn, Forres, Scotland

This beautiful retreat is available to all levels and will take place in the highlands of Forres, North Central Scotland. We will all travel up as a group together in private transportation included in the price.

This is a chance for you to switch off, look inside yourself and connect with Scottish nature.

Cost is inclusive of accommodation, food, walks, meditation, one-on-one discussion, transportation and of course the various yoga sessions. All parts of the weekend are optional, should you wish to opt out of any part.​ Costs range from £410-£460 depending on travel and accommodation requirements.

Scottish Highlands Retreat

The retreat will begin on Friday afternoon with an intro yoga session and Night Meditation and during the weekend we will look at and practice:

• Shatkarma Purification Techniques
• The Chakras
• Pranayama Breath
• Meditation
• Traditional Hatha/YinYoga stretch, asana classes

• Yoga philosophy and history 

• Along with some relaxed discussion and one-on-one personal development conversation

This retreat is suitable for beginner/intermediate as well as accomplished asana yogini’s. Bear in mind, it’s not about being able to bend your legs over your head or having incredible elastic superhero limbs. Of course, we will cover a range of Asanas in the yoga sessions. However here we are looking at:


• A little of the spirituality of Yoga 
• Some of the benefits of Purification Techniques
• How Pranayama Breath can release tension and anxiety
• How to bring a little peace and harmony into your life
• Understanding why we judge & struggle with change 
• And simply how to bring a smile to your soul, as we stop caring what others think of us.

The place was really lovely. Very welcoming, and great, healthy food. Braxton is a great host. Spiritual but also down to earth and super friendly. Everyone felt very included and reieved lots of one to one attention. I enjoyed meeting the other guests and learning so much. It was a great day, much learnt and with laughter along the way. 


-Angela, Scottish Highlands Retreat


The retreat reminded me how much I love meditation. My activity tracker recorded that my heart rate got down to 42 beats/minute during the Sunday morning session. The wonderful location reminded me how much I draw energy from nature so I’m now incorporating outdoor meditation into my practice.


-Leslie, Scottish Highlands Retreat

 I like the way you conduct your yoga classes, making them a complete experience, using breathing, postures, meditation and relaxation to the best effect in a spiritual way. I have never felt awkward or on the outside looking in when in one of your classes... The retreat was such a success because of your guidance and the company and input of all the ladies!

-Erica, Scottish Highlands Retreat

The place was very peaceful and perfect for the retreat... I enjoyed the practical yoga and meditation sessions.

-Alison, Scottish Highlands Retreat

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