Winter Wellness Retreat

Yotel Edinburgh

27 November 2021

If the thought of darker days and cold temperatures is spinning you into a winter slump, fear not. We have the solution. Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival have joined forces with Braxton, founder of Yoga Ganesh, and the award-winning Yotel in Edinburgh to create our first Winter Wellness Retreat - the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and reset your body while focusing on better health for the year ahead.

Designed to restore balance and awareness, this retreat combines yoga, meditation and breathwork to alleviate stress and leave you with clarity and inner peace.

Yoga Child's Pose

Quarterly Workshops

2 hours

Braxton will run meditation, vital-prana (breathwork) and yoga workshops on a quarterly basis.

Retreat 1.JPG

Crete Retreat

Koutsouras, Greece, Summer 2022

Join us for a near week of peaceful bliss and relaxation. Switch off, recharge and bring calm to your mind and body, as you enjoy a full programme of yoga and nature-leisure activities on this beautiful, spiritual, Mediterranean haven.​