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Crete, Greece

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Koutsouras, June 2021

This Crete sanctuary will provide you with a genuine calming and resting reset. An opportunity for you to truly connect with nature and the sea. Revive inner peace as you switch off and rediscover what is central to your innermost happiness.


Koutsouras is an idyllic, sun-kissed paradise on the south east coast of Crete with a population of fewer than 300 locals. This secluded hidden gem is ideal for those looking for some calming quiet and tranquillity.


We welcome you to join us for a near week of peaceful bliss and relaxation. Switch off, recharge and bring calm to your mind and body, as you enjoy a full programme of yoga and nature-leisure activities on this beautiful, spiritual, Mediterranean haven.​

Crete Retreat 2.jpg

This retreat is not about being able to bend your legs over your head or having elastic superhero limbs. Of course, we will cover a range of Asanas in the yoga sessions. However, here we are looking at:


• Mindfulness & spirituality
• Meditation techniques & the place that gratitude & awareness has within it
• How breath can release tension and anxiety
• Understanding why we judge & struggle with change
• And how to cease caring what others think of us

You can expect a range of nature and leisure activities, along with the yoga programme each day. Suitable for both those new to yoga and the more experienced.


All your dietary needs will be met by our hosts at Okeanis Apartments during the day. Whilst at night we venture out as a group and visit the local restaurants, where we will sample the local cuisine and the warm hospitality of the village residents.


The leisure activities include:

• Butterfly Valley walks & treks
• Massage
• Meditation sessions (fire, moon, guided, mantra)
• Beach trips
• Snorkelling
• Old town excursions
• Barbeques


All rooms are en suite, newly decorated to a high standard and have a small cooking area and balcony. Additional complimentary facilities include:


• Swimming pool & jacuzzi (exclusively provided for our yoga guests)
• Games & movie room
• Large communal open plan kitchen
• Reading lounge
• Sunbeds, towels, laundry service


This is the perfect retreat experience, with all the features of a typical peaceful sun-filled sanctuary. Reset your inner self and rediscover the more peaceful side to your nature.


Included in price of retreat:

All meals
Yoga & Meditation instruction

Sea & Sun🙂


Please contact Braxton for full details and price options.

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